Our committment to You   Our Commitment To You
Whether you need adjustment to your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, or an entire room repositioned for accessibility. Accessible Home Construction can do the job right. You can rest assured that your remodeling needs will be handled promptly and professionally and you will get the results you expect. AHC offers a wide variety of equipment and remodeling services, exterior and interior. Please do not hesitate to call and we will discuss your needs and assist you in fulfilling them.
Our committment to You  
Accessing The Home
• Ramps - Wood, Concrete or Aluminum
• Create or widen doorways
• Lowered peephole
• Porch lifts, vertical platform lifts
• Automatic power door openers
• Keyless entry locks
• Residential Elevators
• Stairlifts
• Incline platform lifts

• Install handrails
• Relocate or modify rooms (bedrooms, bathrooms)
• Whole room additions
• Modify flooring
• Raise outlets
• Rocker switch’s in lieu of toggle
Our committment to You  
Accessing The Bedroom
and Bathroom

• Roll-in Shower
• Install hand shower
• Raise toilet seat height
• Self flushing toilet
• Roll under countertops and accessible sinks
• Install grab bars and other support devices
• Levered handled faucets at sink

• Electronic “touch-less faucets”
• Electric hand dryer
• Lower mirror
• Ceiling mounted lift to facilitate transfers
• Durable medical equipment, such as,
tub transfer bench or waterproof shower chair.
Our committment to You  
Accessing the Kitchen
• Widen walkways for ease
• Roll under cooktop
• Adjust dishwasher to comfort height
• Refrigerator drawers
• Pull out shelves

• Adjustable upper cabinets
• Lower workstations (e.g. sinks cooktops)
• Raise ovens to comfort height
• Raise toe kick at base of cabinet
Our committment to You   Planning for Future Independence
Many new products are being designed with accessibility requirements being taken into account. This has resulted in a growing selection of high quality, attractive, useful and well thought-out Universal Designs that makes everyday living much easier for people coping with accessibility challenges. As a Certified Aging-in-Place (CAPS) contractor that understands your needs, AHC can design settings and surroundings that will accommodate individuals requiring obstacle free living environments. With our expert knowledge, in ‘aging-in-place’ design, we will provide you with high quality remodeling solutions while staying within the budget we both have agreed upon.

Why modify your home? The main benefit in making home modifications is that it promotes independence. According to a recent AARP housing survey, “83% of older Americans want to stay in their current homes for the rest of their lives. As the 78 million Boomers start turning 65 in 2011, conventional ideas of what it means to be 65 are increasingly untrue. When people start to think of accessibility and independence, their first impression are old sterile and institutional, bulky grab bars, cold white tile, nursing homes and hospitals. 

Which in today’s market is so far from the truth. Manufactures have been aggressively designing products that accommodate all needs of every age group and ability. From a simple door knob that is lever in lieu of round knob, to a barrier free shower that has the architecture design for high end homes. These products are called “universal products”. Universal products give homeowners an opportunity to plan ahead without sacrificing style and design even when they aren’t quite ready. So to speak “Future Proofing”. If they are building they need to plan for wider doorways and hallways. Put blocking around the shower and toilet area so grab bars can be added later. Kitchen designs with multi levels of counter tops and locations of appliances. Large master baths with plenty of space. All can have a very appealing design effect.

When the aging want to stay in the home they have built a life in, modifying can be easily achievable as well. Some of the first things to think about are the current needs of the individual.  How can they access the home from the outside as well as from the inside.


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